The classic Game Of Life, where the user can create a grid of particles, select which one are alive (or make it random) and Iterate to see how the grid changes. Based on the Conway's Game of Life ( the particles will live or dead based on its neighbours.

The user has some tools to change the particles, move the camera, resize the grid or show how the particles change with different colours representing it's life.

The controls are easy. When the simulation is stopped, you can 

- change the estate of any particle just clicking on it. 

- Resize the Grid with new particles (if you select the random tick the alive/dead ratio will change the grid)

- Select that you want to show the colour change based on the age of the particle.

Once you start the simulation you can move the zoom of the camera easily and see how the simulation goes. Also, you can stop it whenever you want.

Any feedback or new utilities, please let me a message!

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